Argonaught Land Speeder Storm Part 2

I think I'm finished putting this together.  I have a second one still to work on but this one is done.  I think I'll paint it up along with a 5 man scout squad so that the I can play it functionally in game.  Will be a lot of work for 125 points though.  After comments from a few people I raised the rear end up and added running boards.  I had to raise them a bit from the standard which means they're not connected that well sadly.  I've broken them off three times now (the piece was meant to fit into the skimmer but now that it is shortened the floor boards don't sit the same).  So I  may end up leaving them off as they break over time.  Here's hoping.

I also removed the guy that looked like his feet would get stuck on the ground.  I think this guy blasting away is a bit better.  Interesting point, if the angle of his gun is traced outward it falls ~12" away at head level.  Perfect for rapid fire :)

The one thing I am debating is putting wheel covers on the back wheels.  I didn't on the typhoon patterns but it looked better on those.  These were left off to maintain the same look but it may be better to add some.  Thoughts on this?


  1. I have always avoided the Land Speeders, mainly because I never liked the model. Something about them just never looked like they would be able to fly or land. This however looks fantastic!!!


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