Space Wolves Fellblade / Landraider - Complete!

I'm done painting her! I still haveto add some powder to the main gun but I think everything else is finished. It gets dark here at 4:30 pm so by the time I am home from work I can't take photos except by desk lamp. It's making the colours show up wonky; the first picture shows the colour in its truest form. I had a real time trying to decide where to put gold on this model without it looking overdone. I should also point out that the dirt on the tracks and skirting isn't as bright as it looks in the pictures. My camera wasn't being nice.

I can't wait to get some sealant on there and bust this out in a game.  It already played unpainted in an apocalypse game (underwhelming) but will be nice to try out as a landraider.
Iron Priest driver/gunner

And here she is in land raider mode.  The main gun just pulls off.  Everything is positioned to fit underneath it with no magnets needed.


  1. Damn man, that's sweet! Beautiful work all around, from the glow of the headlights and the plasmagun, to the Heavy Bolter Marines chillin on the front. Good job!


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