Space Wolves Fellblade / Landraider WIP

Here's a WIP of a 'Fellblade' that I am in the progress of making from a shadowsword kit.  I'm planning to use the Banehammer rules with the modification that the sponsons are TL lascannons and models cannot shoot from it.  It shouldn't change the rules too much as it was treated as open topped for disembarking originally.

The length has been reduced by an entire panel which took quite some time.  It is now equal length to a landraider and can be a counts-as landraider in normal games..  Visible in the images above, the cannon is removable.  I plan to finish the top so that it can function as a land raider for my space wolves or as a banehammer in apocalypse.  I figure reducing the length and giving it a transport capacity of 12 (6 terminators) is quite fair. 
Since I don't have room to put the hull mounted TL heavy bolter, I'm going to have two long fangs sitting on the front.  The guy above is an oldie but I think to give it some contrast I'll put a current addition heavy bolter guy on the other side. 
I still have lots of work to do but needed a hull to use for an apocalypse game tomorrow!