Scibor Custodes Scale Comparison

My Scibor models and my Maxmini shoulder pads came in yesterday.  I had to order some arms to attach the shield.  I'm hoping that the GK terminator left arm will work. 

I like these shoulders a lot more than the ones made by Scibor.  Also a word of caution.  The custodes models were ace with no defects, and so were the shields; however the way the shields come on the sprue/flashing is terrible and I lot bottom corners when removing them (you can even see the bottom right side on the picture above).  The entire bottom is part of the flashing so it is not easy to remove at all; especially with how soft and thin the shield's resin is.

The picture above is a good size comparison for everyone.  I've purchased a celtic warrior from them before (my rune priest) and he's way smaller.  Great model but these guys are awesome and will fit right in as terminators or paladins.  I have some custom land riader doors and halberd weapons coming from Chapterhouse as well.  I can't wait to have these all together with my contemptor too.


  1. Do you have a size comparison with the Celtic Warrior and a Space Marine?

  2. Yup;


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