Space Wolves Fellblade / Landraider WIP 3

 I've moved the longfang over. He looked a bit unsteady where he was and now has someone to talk to without yelling over the vox. I doubt that cannon is loud anyway. I just love the image of soldiers clammoring over the top of the tank riding into battle, or providing covering fire as the terminators inside run out into the battle.

It was a giant pain to cut the hull to match on each side. Since the tracks are made of two panels plus guide bars for the wheels I had to cut every piece and reinforce it all with plasticard. I luckily had purchased some clamps a few months ago that work GREAT for holding drying models where you want the parts to stay. I'd recommend these to everyone and I think the package deal had 8 or so clamps of different sizes for 20 dollars.

In apocalypse I'm going to run this as a banehammer with reduced capacity and BS 4. I used it last weekend and the 6" maximum movement is a huge impairment for an assault vehicle and once you start moving forward it isn't hard to lose the main gun. All in all it is a very balanced unit even though I stole it for my spacewolves instead of IG.

Most importantly, the top can be removed and it is a landraider!  I call that winning at GW economics.