Macharius Scratch Build Part 5

Here is the primed macharius with an almost complete turret. I've since finished the turret and put a base coat on with my airbrush. Graveyard earth does not go very far when priming a tank this large, 2 leman russ and 5 chimeras with 3 coats. I lost a lot of steam on finishing them by biting off such a large batch at once. I also haven't decided what to do with them since I sort of want to air brush a camo on them that is far more subtle than normal. I'm wondering if graveyard earth with some khemri stripes would be ok. I also don't want to mask anything so if I put my air brush on narrow and just make patterns would that look ok? Feathered edges I know...  Right now the tank company has been sitting at my paint station (laundary machine) for 3 months
I have so many other things I'd like to paint right now that this will probably sit on the back burner for quite some time.  I am feeling a lot of marine love lately and not so much for my IG.  Especially with my Shadowsword/Spacewolf conversion idea scheduled to arrive in the mail today...