13th Company Rune Priest (Scibor)

Here's my rune priest that runs at the head of my Space Wolves army. He's made with the celtic warrior body from Scibor and GW parts. The terminator head fit strangely in the neck socket so I padded it with greenstuff to make a fur scarf. I crafted a psycic hood out of a space marine pauldron (I know they don't have those rules but it made the model look better). . .

I really like the scibor model. The etching is nice to give the appearance of runic armour. I filled in the vent on his back with a wolfguard circular trinket which fits perfectly. The arms were pinned and attached. I didn't use the maxmini shoudlerpads I had put on my other terminators because this model is quite small compared to what I thought it would be. I've included a scale shot with a terminator of mine and a marine. Note that the terminator is scaled up about 3 mm with plasticard at the waste and feet. With this size disparity the maxmini pads looked overwhelming. The scibor kits would be perfect for power armoured special characters but as terminator stand ins they're too small. I added a plate of 2 mm plasticard to his feet to make him a bit taller and mounted him to a bit of debris so he doesn't look overshadowed by a retinue in game. Now that it's done I like the model it just wasn't the best choice to go beside my terminator conversions.