Winged Firewarriors (Vespid Counts-as)

Back in 2009 when I was making my second army I was really disapointed with the allied tau race models.  I also didn't want to buy vespid as I was broke and they were expensive.  So I made my own!  I used the countless fusion blasters I had lying around and the spare grenades to make my own jump packs.  I left off the shoulder armour to reduce the armour save and made some neutron blasters.  Forgive the paint job, I was still learning. . .

Winged Firewarriors (Vespid Counts-as):
With the earth castes advent of a smaller more lightweight jump pack capable of supporting the full weight of a warrior and his weapon without requiring a battlesuit full of support systems, some members of the firecaste have begun to be funneled into a new training regime. Those fire caste members found to have above average motor reflexes become Shas'La'Kais and are given these new prototype jump packs. . .
These packs lessen the fatigue of battle on the troops allowing them to carry larger weapons, the plasma blaster, capable of tearing through enemy armour with ease. The rapid movement ability of this pack can be very disorienting to inexperienced Tau, so an experienced jump pilot, or B'Eldi, can be placed in command of the squadron conveying his excelent battlefield leadership to his men.


  1. That's cool, I had the same idea and looks like I even built them with similar bits (fusion blasters). I have a picture of the ones I made on my blog in this post:


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