Dark Heresy - Edge of Darkness Spoiler

Ref: Inq/045678502/B3
Author: Korpsman Keled Wolfe
Subject: Mission Completion Report
Name: Scintilla
Location: Segmentum Obscuras
Sector: Calixus (Scintilla Sub)
Tithe Grade: Exactus Extremus
Notes: N/A
Misson Details:
My Lord Inquisitor,
We landed on Scintilla with little incident. . . The meeting with Medicae Sands went quite well also. He informed us of the situation surrounding the death of Saul Arbest. From him we were able to discern his address, as well as some of uniqueness surrounding his death. It appears that some form of xenotech, or possibly heretech device was implanted inside Mr Arbest, it seems that it was somehow used to control his actions. It was all very confusing although you know that I am not the most technically minded individual.
This led us to our next destination, his hab, as well as our newest contact, a Ms. Lily Arbest. I will not deny that she seemed quite taken with me, which led to me loosen her tongue. She was willing to give us some more information about the region and some key players in the Costcarla Sector.
One such individual was a Warden Loken, a local enforcer. When we travelled to the enforcer's bunker, we were informed that Loken could be found in one of the local drinking establishments. We set out after him hoping to secure a meeting. Once we got there, we settled in and surveyed our surroundings. The place was filled with lowlives, all of them gangers and all of them wearing the same gang colours, when we asked about this, the bartender informed us that the local Narco Boss, Mr Cord Luntz, was the leader of said gang. Well, after waiting for hours, we decided that it was time to leave. Upon leaving the establishment we got into an altercation with some of the local gangers.
After rendering one unconscious, we attempted to get some information out of him at the local Hostel. It was also, the only place available to us to stay. At this time, we were ambushed. There were several of the local scum, supplied with hab lock cards to gain access to our rooms. We quickly dispatched them, losing our contact in the process. Once again I beat one of them unconscious and was hoping to get some more information out him, that's when we found the key cards.
It lead us to the propreietor, Mr. Maxis Dreylock. We found the scum cowering in his office, he could not believe that we bested his men. As if hive scum had a chance against the Emperor's finest! We learned that Dreylock was peddling "Spiral Black", a local narcotic. As well, he told us about the "Red Eyes", creatures that were abducting hab dwellers in the night.
We rested in our vehicle for some time in order to compose ourselves, then headed to the local Templum, Lily had told us that Saul Arbest was a friend of a Mr Evard Zed. He told us that Saul had gotten into an altercation with a local gangers (quite believeable around here!). He sought help at the local Alms house. The final piece of the puzzle.
The Alms house was the centre of the spider web of heretecks know as "The Logicians". The Director, Cybus Moran. We visited the Alms house and met with Moran, I am sad to say that Brand thought it that was normal gruel they were serving, we found out there was a much more grim explanation.
Again we sought out Loken, we found the "Enforcer" was having a private meeting with none other than Cord Luntz. These "Enforcers" were nothing more than hired goons, mercenaries hired by the Logicians. Needless to say, Luntz made us an offer to kill the "Chirurgeon" the local medical director at the Alms House, a drug peddling hereteck if I every saw one. Well, we took the deal, we needed access to the Alms House in order to further our investigation.
We set out for the Alms house and made the grim discovery that this "Chirurgeon" was a mass murderer using the hab dwellers as test subjects. The gruel that had been served was human. Brand wretched. The battle was joined moments later with the arrival of a twisted mockery of life which threw itself at us. Brand and I shredded it with stubber fire. We heard gunfire and screaming, then lost contact with Agustus. We moved on to the Medicae proper.
It was here where we met the "Chirurgeon". Once again, with faith and fire, I and Brand slaughtered her servants and brought her low. After the battle we quickly gathered the evidence (the body of the Chirurgeon and some scrapings of her servants. As well as some cogitator information.
This concluded the important dealings that we had on our first journey to Scintilla.
The Emperor Protects.
You always faithfull servant,
Keled Wolfe
Interesting points:  The above is a letter from one of my fellow acolytes.  Some interesting things which he neglects to mention include us blowing up this entire building (seems to be our MO), us losign one of our partners who was experimented on (we found him with a stiched up chest - verdict still pending) and we stole a lot of drugs from the drug dealer and exchanged them for weapons.  I guess these are all things best left off of an official report to the boss though.