Counts-as Psyker Battle Squad and Set Back Chimera

I must say that the psyker battle squad is so awesome of a unit and idea. A unit that can truely alter the leadership of enemy units effectively and at range. Maybe something like that exists but I have yet to see it from another codex (I know markerlights but I said effectively). I've used this unit in the last handful of games I've played and I have yet to be disapointed. They do not so much make back their points but they save my other units from so many charges and shots. I realize they can shoot a blast but I always save the squad until last to fire and their moral ability is just so much more effective than a few kills. Again, I love this unit for the tactical variation it introduces to 40k. . .

Chimera assigned to Psyker Battle Squad

Anyway I thought I should finally give them a nice ride as seen by this set back chimera
The rest of the vehicles in the army will still end up beige but the psyker's chimera should stand out especially with the innate fear of psychic abilities in the Imperium.

I tried out some blending on the windows. For a first attempt I think it worked and I will definitely be trying it out on lenses in the future.