Argonaut Land Speeder

The Argonaut-varient land speeder was created in M38.657 on the forge world of Aritek. The adept Primalus had a shortfall of the materials required to create the anti-grav plating which provides the land speeder with it’s low altitude flight abilities. The A ground-based land speeder variant was thereby created in an attempt to fulfill the battlefield role of a light assault vehicle. It was quickly realized that the lack of anti-grav plating and the systems required for it greatly increased the available cargo capacity of the vehicle. Though falling out of favour in the eyes of many of the Astartes, the Night Hawks found this new variant to compliment their combat doctrine almost perfectly. The drawback of being ground-based was of little concern as the Chapter utilized them as a long-range support vehicle capable of carrying their much needed supplies; the benefits far outweighing the costs. The reduction in materials required to construct the variant also weighed heavily in its favour as the Chapter already devoted much of its resources to bikes. . .

I spent the last week finishing up my land speeders.  I'd primed and basecoated these months ago but never had the motivation to start them.  Once the paint started to fly though I couldn't stop.  I love these little guys.
I've got the tech marine piloting one as my fluff dictates and the shoulder markings show the company they're attached to.  This will also be useful if I want to have a squad of 2.  I'm going to do the rest of the bikers in the same style and will probably go with blue or yellow on the majority of them.  I have 3 squads to do (and a captain) and was thinking of making two squads one colour (1 company) and a 3rd squad another.  Maybe matching 1 of the speeders though I am not sure.  I'm going to have to redo the fluff to maybe include 5 speeders per company.

I really liked the blue jet exhaust I put on my Mephiston so I copied it here. They're very fast ground cars :)

The weapons are all magnetized so that I can swap out autocannons or whatever at a later date though I like this pattern the best at the moment.  Adding dirt was pretty easy with an airbrush.  One spray of scortched brown and another of I think bubonic and done.


  1. Love the Argonaughts and the qualifying fluff really helps flesh out their existence and reason for being.Like the targetting links to a couple of the drivers and by using magnets you maximse their tactical flexability.....nice job

  2. awesome conversions! This reminds me of some ork conversions that had land speeders converted into jeep like warbuggies.

  3. The blue jet exhaust is a nice touch.

  4. How did u make them

    1. Well you can see in the last picture how they started. It's really simple actually. On the land speeder 'hood' like on a car there's a line already there to mark where I cut (the lower panel). Once you cut out the spot on the hood on each side where the wheels will fit, you just plasticard over the gap. A bike tire and wheel well (cut off a bike) glues in! The bumper gets cut up a few times and placed as shown. The rear wheels are just attached to the ends of sprue and glued underneath with a bit of support struts. I can't really simplify the instructions much because this wasn't that complicated, just a lot of cutting. I hope that helps a bit...

    2. Give it a try! It was pretty easy with some cutting.


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