4th Auxiliary Ogryn Detachment (Conversion)

I bought some Ogre Kingdom Bulls online for a really good price and made an attempt at converting something suitable for an ogryn.  Now I'm not a green stuff master so I couldn't attempt shirts and such like I'd seen on a few cool models before, but I tried to give them enough of a look so that they would appear to just be near mutant humans fighting along with the army. . .
I must say, these were some of the most fun to paint models I've done in a while; this was pretty evident by the quick turn around time on them (build and paint in like 3 days).
They're pretty bad in game sadly as I can't think of much that wouldn't shrug off a charge from these guys (300 and some odd points for 6 and a chimera) but they're fun to use at times and have gotten lucky and bogged units down (never worth their points mind you).

They don't look too out of place in my army and I'm quite happy with how they turned out. The bone 'ead's pointer finger was greenstuffed and it looks nice and wrinkly and fits. I also tried my hand at using a sharpy to give them some Imperial Aquila tatoos on their shoulders. Regardless of artistic ability, I must suggest this to anyone wanting to do some freehand. It is MUCH easier than using a brush.

This picture shows the whole 'using the gun as a club' bit that three of them are doing. Two of the autocannons had some mold issues (low pocket) so I painted those to look like someone had been smashed with it.