Tarkonis IV - Planetary Survey

Segmentum: Ultima

Sector: Dartus

Sub-sector: Ulch

System: Tarkonis: 7 planets (I through VII)

Surveyed: Unknown; the system was brought into compliance near the end of the Great Crusade, circa M31.

Satellites: 0 save for Tarkonis II (1) and V (4; 2 populated)

Summary: Mining world and recruiting centre of the Blood Stalkers Space Marine Chapter; the planet exhibits no tilt of its axis in relation to the local star which in turn causes the equatorial region to exhibit arid desert climate while the polar regions, devoid of ice, vast flourishing forests exist north of the equitorial badlands.

Population: 1.5 billion (human and abhuman)

Mean Surface Temperature: 27 degrees Celsius

Seas: 62% of the surface is covered by shallow seas. The extreme heat at the equator results in heavy evaporation which in turn precipitates in increasing amounts with distance from the equator.

Principle Exports: Ore mined primarily from neighbouring moons.

Principle Imports: Munitions.

Food Supply: Food is grown on-world within the security of the walled urban areas.

Urbanisation: Vast cities exist centralized around the space ports used to transport workers to the ore rich moons of neighbouring planets. The vast expanses of forested land and arid desert are sparsely populated.

Military Presence: Tarkonis IV serves as the recruiting world of the Blood Stalkers Space Marine Chapter. Novitiates are chosen from the system's populace during ceremonial events which take place once every 5 years. Hopefuls are given a combat blade and water prior to beginning a trek through the equatorial barrens. Having survived dehydration, sandstorms and sand wurms, the few survivors are often given the chance to undergo the process to become Space Marines.  This event had historically been held once every ten years; however due to the gene 'flaw' of the Blood Stalkers, this event has become more frequent.  An Imperial Guard Regiment is stationed on Tarkonis IV which is drawn upon to serve in nearby conflicts and functions as the PDF.


  1. Are the Blood Stalkers your count-as Blood Angels? Just curious...

    Anyway, Space Marine recruiting worlds are typically not subject to the Imperial Tithe. If this is the Blood Stalker homeworld (which it seems to be) exporting anything would be optional.

  2. Yes, my 'Blood Angels' will eventually get an Index Astartes to fluff them out a bit. I felt I should call them something different since the colour scheme isn't as per the codex.

    I will revise this to remove the Imperial Tithe, I didn't know that! Thanks a lot. This one was written before my Night Hawks IA which had a lot more time / review put into it.


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