Tarkonis IV Command Squad - Counts-as Straken

I was looking through the Codex and stumbled across Colonel Straken and thought that would be a really sweet model. So I set off to make a Cadian-esque version that would fit into my army. I ended up cutting up a necron head to make a ballistic mask and building around a valkyrie gunner's body which is a bit more armoured and would make the 3+ save more believable. . .
He's also quite a strong fellow so I took the bionic arm and bulked up the triceps on it. As much as I like the pseudo shotguns I made from bolters I didn't want to give him one so I made a custom lasgun to count as a shot gun. He's been given a melta bomb which although not equiped in his profile, I think it lends some creedence to why hit hits like a monstrous creature on vehicles.  Anyway, here he is ready to turn up the heat!


  1. This a great conversion. I love the use of the Necron head with the shoulder pad to really sell the ballistic mask theme. He looks like one of the Army of Two guys. I also like how you got some extra red onto the model via the purity seal to get him to pop more. Well done!


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