Space Wolves Leman Russ Executioner

I couldn't help but power through painting this thing.  I was so happy to make it and then after using it in a game (as a Leman Russ Exterminator with Pask) it has earned a spot in my army.  It may not be the best heavy support IG can take but it sure was fun to use and struck fear into my opponent.

Painting it was a lot of fun too.  I've been going nuts with my new air brush as of late (well it's six months old at least but I haven't bothered or had the courage to use it until a few weeks ago).  This guy really fits in with the rest of my Space Wolves too and will play as a Predator in games when its not used as a Leman Russ.

I really wanted the tank to look battleworn but not rusty.  Just like it had been shot at quite a few times after a nice fresh coat of paint.  I suppose that doesn't fit SUPER well with being 13th company (I read the codex and it does say that they have 'limited' armour so I can have one).  Who knows, maybe ceramite doesn't rust?  Actually I'm sure someone knows...

I had a spare Dark Angel tech marine head and tossed that on the tank commander.  I'd assume he'd be an Iron Priest and all renditions I've seen don't paint him red.  I did go with the black and white cog eye piece though which helps to add a bit of colour to a grey model.

Next up is a Space Wolf Dreadnought I think.  I've made a pretty sweet hammer conversion for him which I'll show once I put the finishing touches on the model.