Scratch Build Macharius WIP Part 1

I think I will begin sharing a journy down my Macharius scratch build.  Remembering back the Tamiya plastic cement sure made my head hurt.  Poor ventilation for the loss. . .

The main polygons are done with 1mm plasticard. I prefer this because it's thick enough to be rigid but thin enough to score and snap. The details are done with 0.5 mm plasticard.

I use a ruler to make straight edges. Seems pretty straight forward! You have to push down on the ruler firmly to make sure the plastic and pattern do not slip but it makes your edges near perfect.

The rivets and circles are done with a leather punch. They're about $10-15 and have multiple sizes to punch out. It's super easy and the first time I've used one. I wish I'd purchased it before. Paired with the tamiya brush cement you can do them so quickly.  More to come, and I promise part 2 will be far more impressive.


  1. Did you follw any plans for this one?

    1. Yeah something I found online a long time ago. I may still have them but guessing you could google it easy.


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