Battle Report - 2 games vs Grey Knights

My first experience with Grey Knights was today.  Lets say I feel bad.  I went out to my local GW store where they run 1250 point games on 4x4 tables.  The kind man I had the pleasure to play against was a newer player but long into the hobby. . .

Again I have never played GK before and only knew what to expect from the internet hate about their overpoweredness.  Well I definately didn't see that though I don't think his list was by any means great:

Grand Master Mordrak and 5 Ghost Knights (5 terminators)
5x GK Terminator Squad
5x GK Terminator Squad
10 man Grey Knight Strike Squad (GK tactical marines)
1 Dread Knight

I played two games against him and the first was something new I used to play with my new SW toys:
Rune Priest in terminator armour
5 man Wolf Guard in terminator armour - drop pod
5 man Wolf Guard in terminator armour - drop pod
5 man grey hunter squad in rhino
5 man grey hunter squad in rhino
1 Predator with las sponsons
1 dreadnought with plasma cannon
5 long fangs with missile launchers

All of my terminators had some sort of combi weapons be it plasma or melta.

Game 1
Anyway he won the roll and set up first with a fairly poor deployment leaving his strike squad bunched up and in the open.  I set up my longfangs on the 3rd floor of a building with LoS to the whole table.  I stole initiative.

Turn 1:
So after stealing initiative my dreadnought landed a plasma cannon round in the middle of the strike squad annihilating 6 and my longfangs finished off the squad.  This was poor placement on his part and I used it as an opportunity to explain the poor set up. 
My drop pod with the rune priest landed and Jaws of the world wolf removed him dread knight (he rolled a six sadly).  He was now down 2 units.
On his turn he deployed Mordrak and moved his two 5 man terminator squads closer.  Everything unleashed on my rune priest squad with storm bolters and I lost 1 terminator (yay 2+). 

Turn 2:
He didn't learn his lesson on the bunch up and one of his 5 man GK terminator squads in the open took another plasma cannon round in the face.  Remove 200 points.  My rune priest squad unloaded its combi meltas into the other 5 man squad and charged.  I wiped the squad but lost the rune priest and 2 marines.  Only 1 left.  I consolidated the one guy into some ruins behind a wall to save the killpoint (he ran the rest of the game to hide).  The longfangs and predator and two rhinos shot at Mordrak and I think killed one guy or maybe not.
On his turn Mordrak chased my one guy (they were alone and had no real targets.

Turn 3:
My last drop pod arrived with 2 combi meltas and 2 combi plasmas.  Bye 3 more of Mordrak's retinue.
On his turn he moved up and annihilated my 5 man wolf guard squad.

Turn 4:
My dreadnought moves in (I'm feeling pretty tough right about now) and goes for the beat down.  Mordrak saves 3 invuls and destroys the poor dread.  He has no real target and moves toward a rhino on his turn.

Turn 5:
Longfangs instagib Mordrak.

So all in all I feel he had a pretty weak list.  I had a lot of AP 1-2 weaponry which is standard for my lists (everyone and their mother plays some sort of 2+ 3+ army) and he couldn't really deal with that.  I felt he had a lot of points wasted in troops and HQ units and no real way to kill any of it though GK can be a monster in close combat it doesn't do much when you get shot to pieces first.

Game 2
Now he was a really nice guy and requested a second game and I said sure, and brought out my Blood Angel list so he could face something different"
Sangunary Priest
5 man assault squad in rhino
5 man assault squad in rhino
5 man assault squad in rhino
Baal Predator w/ assault cannon
Predator w/ las sponsons
Predator w/ las sponsons
Predator w/ las sponsons

Now people can whine and complain about how spammy that was but I don't really care.  The assault squads never fired a shot nor did the baal pred (nothing unsaved).

I'll save the turn summary and explain that on his turn Mordrak landed and shot at meph.  Needing 6's to wound made that do nothing.  3 Predators unloaded on Mordrak and then Meph went in.  No more squad.  Turn 2 followed with the same thing happening to the dreadknight.  His terminators deepstruck and shot at meph (everything else had an AV).  Again, predators into one squad followed by Meph.  This happened one squad after another until I wiped him.  I lost a single wound on meph and no vehicles.

Moral of that story, meph rox.  Again I think that highlighted some major flaws in his list.  I'd really like play against a more streamlined list of GK to see how well they do and why they're so scary.  I see a big problem with them having no melta guns and having to rely on psi-dreads for anything long range.  Again, we'll see next time.  Props go to the GK player who was a great guy and eager to learn.  I offered him a lot of advice and I don't think he cared about losing (I felt really bad for winning that badly) so I commend him.  Apparently he owned a lot of other models so he would try them out after.


  1. Have to say his list sounded a bit weak, but I am pretty sure we all make a list that is sub par till we have lost a few games. Grey Knights tend to get a lot stronger the higher the points you play (in my opinion).

    The Dreadknight is an awesome model, but for me it is only effective if you are willing to Deepstrike it, or to give it a Personnal Teleporter and Shunt it, and against a lot of Combi Plas/Melt it will drop pretty quickly.

    I liked your post and report and the fact you offered the guy some advice.

    Your two lists are well thought out and I like that. Looking forward to more posts from you now i found your site :-)

  2. Thanks Kraggi, I hope it was clear reading.

    I agree, GK definately seem like something that gets better with points. I actually spent all of last night going through their book to come up with a 'better' 1250 list that I would perhaps buy someday to play as Custodes. I'm not sure the army would be 'great' but it would be different from what I have and let me buy more toys :).

    He definately lacked long range fire power and of course, transports. He seemed willing to take my advice (not that I'm a tactical guru or anything) which was good.

    As to my SW and BA lists, there were of course small items (meltas/swords etc.) bought for them but I left them off for ease of posting. I try to make my lists cover short, mid and long range aspects of the game and just accept that I will lose playing horde orks/nids.


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