Apocalypse House Rules

These are all rules I've implemented in our group to make our apocalypse games more like large games of 40k.
Generic Rules
Army Lists:
Standard force organization applies as per the BRB. This means at 2000 points a 2nd force org is opened. Allies may also be taken as per the normal rules.  One super heavy/gargantuan creature may be taken per force org.
Reserves arrive as per the BRB (not the apocalypse book).
Warlord traits must come from the codex if the table exists.  Otherwise choose a table to roll on.
D Weapons:
These function as Strength 10 AP 1.
Unit Scoring:
All "type: infantry" units can score even if not troops. If a unit is made a troop by a codex which is not this type, it may still score.
Wrecks and explosions:
Vehicles and wrecks will stay in place until and be marked with suitable templates until said templates are no longer available (used up). They will then be removed from useless areas.
Superheavy vehicles follow the rules from the current Horus Heresy 30k supplement.
Hills on the realm of battle board count as a terrain piece. If two are connected, the terrain piece counts towards the quarter with the larger hill section. If four hills are connected, they count as two terrain pieces, counting towards the quarters with the largest hill sections.

Strategic Assets
Not automatically granted to players; though can be taken as normal if a formation grants it.

Victory Points
Bonus points are scored for
  • Killing a warlord
  • Killing a superheavy
  • Warlord specific VP traits
Fliers may choose to move 18” OR 36+ inches.  Flier movement beyond 36” is unlimited and may move between tables.  Locked velocity will hold the model to combat (18) or cruising (36+) speed. The vehicle may elect to enter hover mode and take a dangerous terrain test.  The flier in hover mode is stuck moving 12” per turn and models cannot disembark voluntarily.

Contesting Objectives
Scoring units may contest objectives however a unit may only contest another unit; for example, if Team 1 has one unit on the objective and Team 2 has two units, Team 2 scores.
Major objective – 1 per table at its centre.  This is a teleporter.  Non superheavy/gargantuan units wholly within 6” (or vehicles touching) after moving, may teleport to another table’s major objective during their movement phase.  Units are placed within 6” of the destination (or touching if a vehicle).  If there is insufficient room to deploy, models are placed as near as possible while maintaining 1” buffer from enemy models.  These units may not assault.

Minor objectives – 2 per table. Placed in the neutral zones on each side of the major objective.

Starting on turn 2 as follows; for each uncontested major objective:
at the end of player turn 2, score 1 point
at the end of player turn 4, score 2 point
at the end of GAME turn 6, score 3 points
for each uncontested minor:
at the end of player turn 3, score 1 point
at the end of player turn 5, score 1 point
at the end of Game turn 6, score 1 point