Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Fortress of Redemption - Painting Complete

My Fortress of Redemption is painted!  I spent a full Saturday and some Sunday painting it during a TV show binge (Suits).  Finishing the marble on the angel statue took the longest time.  This model is so huge! I put a few scouts on it for scale.  I know everyone has seen pictures of this but I can't convey the size with pictures.  It's overwhelming in person.  I painted this up to match the rest of my terrain with the dark brown.  My terrain used to look like a rainbow so this uniform look is much better.  It also helps focus the eye on the 'marble' statue that I tried to replicate.  My wife thinks it looks close enough so I'm happy with that :)

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Fortress of Redemption - 2 PIP

So a few months of staring at this unpainted and I decided to keep going.  Done all four sides now and air brushed the brown on.  Now I'm onto the drybrush and then the skull phase (funny that it's a thing).

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

X-Wing VT49 Decimator painting

Nothing major here, but I spied a few sweet repaints online and took components of each.  I added these subtle details while I was watching a sitcom so it was quick!  Just a few black panels along the wings to break up the grey (I didn't want colour since it wouldn't blend in with the rest of the tie fighters and such).  The lightning might be an engine core, maybe a plasma generator for the laser. . . I'm not sure but it breaks up the monotony of the model without making it look out of place.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Emerald Fists Wave 9

My next batch of stuff will include a librarian dreadnought I removed all of the blood iconography from and replaced with fists, 10 terminators of various patterns, a techmarine built from the Iron Hands forgefather, and a contemptor dreadnought.  The contemptor was gold (my custodian dreadnought) but it wasn't getting played and wanted to join the ranks of the rest of the Emerald Fists.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Four year blogaversary!

My first blog post was yesterday in 2011, so four years have passed since then (and 160,000 hits).  (I prebuilt this post and something happened and it didn't update properly; sorry Mordian7th for your comment!).  Quite a trip and over four hundred posts.  I started Warhammer 40k sometime in 2007, so it has been 8 years.  I've gone from being quite immersed in gaming aiming for a game a week, and being an active administrator of a popular online warhammer forum, to stepping back and involving myself in the hobby and the background eschewing gaming almost completely.  So 8 years and 10-ish armies later, I've focussed my gaming more toward x-wing, Armada and primarily boardgames with large social components and 4+ players.  It's been quite a ride.  We'll see where the next year brings me.  For now I thought I'd post up a terminator librarian I converted and painted 6 years ago (2009) and juxtapose it with a terminator librarian I converted and painted this year to show the evolution of my painting style.  I was super happy with the first terminator at the time and while I managed to stay within the lines, I've learned a lot since then and hopefully can still learn more.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Imperial Assault - Gideon Argus - Space Pimp

If you've played Imperial Assault, then you know Gideon Argus is the 'leader' of the rebel team.  In our current campaign no one chose him and I decided when we restart I'd like to use him.  So I took him home to paint up.  I should say though that while we were in our last game, after a few beers, we were joking that he'd look good in a pimp hat.  I may have taken that too far!  HAHA.  I started by green stuffing fur to cover his shoulders.  That was simply a tube of green stuff poked hundreds of times with a knife point.  I also added a hat, turned his binoculars into a champagne bottle and added some gold chains and a clock.  The painting obviously tied it all together with a silk shirt and leopard print pants :)  It's hard to see since the camera wouldn't focus closer (model is too small) but he does have a gold tooth as well, just doesn't contrast with the white teeth a lot.  Anyway here are a few other angles, and a shot of what he was 'intended' to look like.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Reaver Titan 7 - Last Installment

I found someone that wanted to buy this off of me and I have no room in my cabinet now with the khorne army occupying a spot (and I want to fund some things to expand that army) so I'm going to sell this (oil prices being what they are).  This was a huge impulse buy that I'd been thinking of for a long time as a modelling hurdle and I'm glad to have gotten it out of my system and broken even. Friends and I also picked up the Kingdom Death: Monster game and when that hopefully arrives in October I'll have a lot more to paint.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Reaver Titan 6

I mounted the legs up; I pinned the feet first to the plinth/base and then pinned the legs right through them and the base for a strong connection with 2 part epoxy.  I also pinned straight through the hips.  Before the epoxy set, I used a level to ensure it was flat.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Reaver Titan 5 - Basing

Once I settled on where the forest floor would go, I glued it down with 2-part epoxy.  The feet are dry fit here, but I've used joint compound (for dry wall) to fill in and texture the base.  This provided a gradient up to the plastic floor base.  While it was wet I pushed in the feet to give some impression of the weight sinking into the earth.  I also created two 25 mm slots for infantry bases to fit into.  I'm hoping primer will seal the joint compound so paint doesn't dissolve it.  I'll add the trees later once all of the titan is built and painted.  They should slot right into the base (this is the citadel wood forest kit).


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