Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Nurgle Word Bearer Dark Apostle Fluff

I'm painting up a dark apostle for my Emerald Fists and needed a way to make him stand out visually and also have some fluff to back him up.  I felt a Word Bearer was the best way to do this and here's the fluff to go with the campaign I'm working on.  I used the Chosen Sergeant from dark vengeance and I must say the model is perfect for what I wanted.  Just a few more finishing touches and he'll be ready to never hit a table haha

The dark apostle Kor Ikthon was instrumental in creating the Nurgle cults on Bruj Secundus and lead his cult followers in battle during the initial ambush against the Raven Guard on Occulum. After blooding the population of Bruj Secundus and sealing their fate, Kor Ikthon translated out of system to further his own goals leaving the Fists to their own devices. Shown here, the daemon infused power armour worn by Ikthon has been imbued with lesser beings through rites of binding. The Book of Lorgar is carried at his side, its words capable of turning entire planets to his whim. Sacred texts have been inscribed on both armour and flesh offering wards and boons to their bearer.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Herald of Nurgle

A resilient body and a stronger soul can hold a plague of Nurgle at bay for a time. The mortal soul is slowly leached into the warp as the plague ravages the body. The longer one resists the taint of corruption the stronger the plague bearer born of the tormented soul in the immaterium. The most powerful of these beings become heralds of Nurgle. Their pestilent bodies hemorrhage and ooze puss in a blighted trail across the battlefield as they lead packs of lesser plague bearers to the mortal realm. These beings often grafted with crude implements reminiscent of ancient surgical tools slice open their victims and leave them to fester with the many poxes of the Lord of Decay. Inevitably the cries of suffering they leave among the dying will herald the arrival of more powerful of their kind. Once the veil between the realms is raised to the followers of Nurgle only the most resolute of opposition can hope to banish the tide of death.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Emerald Fist Rhinos done

I finished painting my two Emerald Fist rhinos today!  The doors are all on magnets, the top hatch comes off as do the copulas.  These will be fully usable as predators and razorbacks once I paint the extra bits.  I'm pretty eager to use these in a game!  I'm planning to sell the existing vehicles (8 or so blood angel vehicles) and start from scratch making them all fists.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

White Rhinos in Progress

I'm done all of the heavy lifting on these now.  All that remains is to complete the tracks and then add some mud.  I'm going to keep it to a minimum though to not over power the white.  Afterward I might try my hand at airbrushing some tactical arrows on the rear hatch. 

Friday, 22 February 2013

Imperial Ambit - Fluff Compendium WIP

A friend of mine from and I are collaborating to create an Imperial Armour-esque book involving my chaos Emerald Fists and his Raven Guard.  It's pretty fun and exciting and is motivating me to paint units that I want painted but don't want to paint (ever get that feeling?)

Anway the intro begins with the Schism of the Fists which then leads into Chapter 1.  Here is an excerpt for those interested.  Everything is a work in progress at this point though

Chapter 1 – The Fall of Bruj

With the whispers of the Dark Apostle Kor Ikthon ever in his ear, Roscius, the Betrayer, Prince of Nurgle, bid his followers to the system of Bruj to reinforce the region in an effort to pave the way for Abadon's 13th Black Crusade. Lord Kurnex was given command of a large contingent of traitor Emerald Fists and a small fleet. As progeny of the Imperial Fist's Primarch, Rogal Dorn, the Emerald Fists were masters of defence despite their misplaced loyalty to the powers of the warp. They were tasked with overseeing the construction of vast fortifications around Bruj Secundus to control the major warp routes passing through the system. Near 952.1M41 the small fleet descended on Bruj Secundus and quickly overwhelmed the planetary governor’s palace in secret. Through the use of cult followers brought with the fleet, the planetary defence force and the civilian population were quickly brought to heel. The population continued to function as normal unknowing of the corruption holding the seat of power on the world.

Within weeks the population was tasked with reinforcing the bulwarks and planetary defence structures surrounding the Departmento Ministorum stores under the watchful eye of Lord Kurnex. The work detail quickly increased in duration and frequency and the hard labour led to many injuries and decrepitude among the workforce. Cults of Nurgle began to spring up as the overworked populace turned to the aid of the apostles walking among them.

Rumours soon escaped the palace walls of the coup when the propaganda surrounding the former governor’s absence lost weight among the concerned mercantile guilds. Staff still loyal to the Imperium managed to send word of Space Marines far removed from the light of the Emperor who were controlling the population to their own end. Along with pict images of the marine's insignia the plea for help made its way to Inquisitor Septanius Tritonirus of the Ordo Malleus though his various acolytes in the Sector.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Emerald Fist Rhino In progress

I'm working on two of these currently so that I have all the basics of my army down (HQ, 2 troops and transports).  The doors and everything are all magnetic so that I can swap the hull into other variants as needed.  A lot of detail work needs to be done on this but this is the general scheme I'm going with  Now that they're at this stage I'm really excited to finish them since I've used them in every game I've played in the last few months and will be for the foreseeable future.  I did the white a lot different on this one that my first rhino.  Dhenab stone base then wych flesh on only the upper 50% of the model followed by devlan mud.  I drybrushed the whole model with wych flesh after and then skull white. on the extremes.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Night Hawks Gallery/Fluff Compilation

Home World
The Chapter calls home to Korak Prime, a secluded system on the edge of the Maelstrom. The binary system of Korak is fraught with unpredictable, if short-lived, warp storms which periodically cut the region of space off from the rest of the Imperium. Korak Prime exhibits a unique orbit within the system and follows a figure-eight pattern around both stars. This unique orbit causes periods of harsh draught when the planet passes between the stars. The people of Korak Prime live simple lives with much time spent rationing their limited supplies as the arrival of inter-system supplies is less than regular. The annual dry period forces the populace to roam the surface in search of fresh surface water to bring back to their home villages...

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Nurgle Lord on Plague Toad - Complete

I finished painting this guy last week but couldn't find my camera.  Now that I found it (in my army bag) I wanted to share it.  The lord can be removed so that I can run the frog as something else if need be.  The lord himself is just a simple smash together of plague bearer arm, forge world bits and biker legs. 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

[Painting] The Good the Bad and the Ugly (Marine HQs)

Here are the three models I'm working on right now.  The chapter master for my Emerald Fists and two Lords of Rot for the traitor Fists.  I'm not really sure which is the bad and which is the ugly as they both fit those criteria.  Anyway, a few more touch ups and then the bases. 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

[Fluff] Emerald Fist Lords of Rot

The traitor elements of the Emerald Fists are led by lords of rot. Although the majority of the traitors were recent members of the Fists who had not yet rose in rank, those battle brothers who were implanted with defective geneseed first and possessed of exceptional natural ability soon became sergeants of their own squads. These traitors are rare yet so is their prowess in battle. These exceptional marines who would have been destined for great things among their loyal chapter have risen to prominence among the traitors. Marked with the boons of their patron god and innate ability they reap unimaginable carnage across the worlds of the Imperium. Serving as the daemon prince Roscius' lieutenants, lord Rothos and lord Kurnex bring their master's will to the mortal realm.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Plague Marine Load Out Optimization

A thought struck me this morning and I'm looking for outside opinions.  I'm wondering what the most optimal build for a plague marine squad is.  I should mention that I am never limited by FOC slots for troops with a nurgle army so that is not a concern.

Friday, 1 February 2013

My Dog Ate My Hobby - Catastrophe

I'm pretty mad right now as our dog escaped from her crate and destroyed the blight drone I was working on.  It's now about a million pieces of resin and wire.  I'll attempt to glue everything back together and cover up the glue with more rust.  Very upset...

Blight Drone WIP

I'm working on my second blight drone.  I haven't been too encouraged to finish it despite loving the model.  In game I haven't found the points to take two of them (or the FOC slots really) so this guy has sat on my desk 1/4 done for months.  Sitting down while the misses was out and looking for something to do, I noticed I had nothing primed but him.  Tricky nurgle bastard...  To separate him from his fellow drone I've added significantly more corrosion to the armour.  I still what the white to show through to tie him into my Emerald Fists but didn't want them to look like identical twins.  Colour variation and different scenic bases will solve that.  I should be able to wrap this guy up for next week.


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